Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tasty Tuesday!

Good Morning!

Today's smoothie turned out really well! While I have been roughly following recipes for the last week and again this week, I always make modifications where I think they'll improve the smoothie (Or to fit ingredients I already have). This smoothie's modifications are: Kale instead of Spinach and Yogurt Drink instead of Almond Milk. Not to mention the additives I like to use to make the smoothie more filling!

*Keep in mind that these recipes make enough for two smoothies or two people*

Like I said, this smoothie is delicious! Both my peach and mango were frozen and the consistency came out great. I managed to spill some of the yogurt drink on my phone while taking pictures but it worked out ok.

Keep an eye out for Tango dancing for food later today!

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