Monday, August 4, 2014

Daily Chi: Cats and Dogs Living together!

Hello hello!

Today's collage is a collection of Tango relaxing and showing off his attitude. As 6 lbs of pure sass, Tango makes some wonderful faces when I take pictures. However, one of his favorite pastimes is taking a nap.

Tango is not an only "fur-child", he shares his home with Jade, my rescue cat. She's a huge cat, at least 12 lbs at any given time and probably part Maine Coon. At double Tango's weight, Jade definitely likes to pick on the little guy. They will chase each other around in spurts and Jade likes to ninja-pounce on Tango around corners. They're like siblings that always rough-house but still love each other. Whenever one or the other is gone for an extended time, the first thing they check when we get home is each other.

Tango is using Jade's dish because I need to microwave his food, she doesn't mind!

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