Friday, August 1, 2014

Jello Daily Chi!

Good afternoon,

My nickname since high school has been Jelly after a jet-lag fueled musing about plants in a Japanese bio lab. Since then, I've loved jellyfish and anything that looks similar to them like octopuses. My boyfriend got me a little octopus stuffy for my birthday last month and I named her Jelly. Fast forward to earlier this week and I picked up a octopus dog toy for Tango. We, of course, named him Jello to go with Jelly.

Here's Tango and Jello!

Tango is very gentle with his toys. He doesn't tear them up or take the stuffing out. Actually, he treats most of his toys like little puppies he has to take care of an groom. Jello is no different and has been enjoying getting carried around and cuddles or groomed by Tango.

I snapped this next picture of him earlier today when he decided the only place he could be was my lap. I guess he wanted to be a lap warmer while I worked in my office! Here's Tango "helping" me work.

I'm not sure if I'll be posting over the weekend for this blog yet so if I don't, have a great weekend and eat healthy!

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