Thursday, July 31, 2014

Luchtime Daily Chi!

Good afternoon!

Here's a quick collage of Tango last night when he was waiting, impatiently, for his dinner.

Tango is on a special diet of low fat food to keep his pancreas happy. In about September of last year he had a really bad pancreatitis attack that led to an emergency vet trip and subcutaneous fluids. After that he was on basically a pancreatic reset diet for a month. When I tried weaning him back on to normal dog foods, he would get sick all over again. It has been a long time coming but we finally have his pancreas all leveled out again with this diet and he's a happy little dude!

He's a little on the skinny side still so Tango gets three meals a day and he loves every single one of them! Most dogs don't do tricks and get super excited about plain old kibble but Tango is all about his Primal raw food! His other favorite is the scrambled egg we use to supplement his diet with healthy fat and protein.

As you can see, he does tricks for his meals! I'm working on a standing spin with him right now and he's offering it pretty regularly as a trick so we're making good progress! Roll over was probably the hardest trick I've taught him so far but he's definitely a trainable little dude :)

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